8 Podcasts I’m Currently Listening To

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PODCASTS. I never thought I’d reach the age where I would choose to listen to people talk over blasting music in the car. Alas, that point in my life has come. I live in Los Angeles, so you can say that 80% of my life is spent driving. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but still, I spend A LOT of time in the car. A one hour commute was once seen as something to dread, but it’s now turned into a full hour of entertainment thanks to Podcasts. This is why I wanted to share my top 8 *coughMYSPACEcough* podcasts that I’m currently listening to. Enjoy!

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
If you love interviews

So, if you don’t know who Dax Shepard is, he’s Kristen Bell’s bae. But he’s much more than that of course. He’s a master conversationalist and is so damn good at having open-minded conversations with his guest. He’s not afraid to go deep, and you definitely come out learning something new with every guest that he interviews.

If you’re into abstract ideas and psychology

Invisibilia covers topics such as personality myths and how strongly social norms affect you. Some of the featured stories include a person whose mind constantly switches genders, and a woman who has Mirror Touch Synesthesia and can physically feel what others feel.  It’s truly fascinating!

If you feel like hanging out with your friends

So this one makes you feel as if you’re hanging out with your closest girlfriends. No topic is off-limits for Jac, Becca, and Keltie– the three main ladies on the show. They pretty much talk about EVERYTHING and interview lots of amazing guests. This podcast’s been such a hit, that they just scored their own TV show on E!

The Goal Digger Podcast
If you’re a business owner or just need a motivational boost

I’m not a business owner and I still enjoy Jenna Kutcher’s podcast- The Goal Digger Podcast. Her drive and work ethic is so insane that there’s no way you won’t feel motivated after you listen to her. This podcast is especially helpful for those who have their own business, are trying to grow a following, want more clients, or are trying to figure out their “why.”

The Science of Social Media
If you want to step up your social media game

There’s tons of podcasts about social media, but the reason this one is a favorite is because there’s no FLUFF. They get straight to the point, and give lots of pointers about how to be successful on social media based on their own research and experiments. It’s short and sweet, but each episode carries lots of valuable information.

This American Life
If you’re in the mood to listen to interesting stories

If you love NPR, you’ll love this podcast. Each episode is wildly different but if you enjoy story-telling, you will definitely like this one. Each episode is based on real-life stories ranging from how people have survived school-shootings to people who are living real-life rom-coms.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
If you need a laugh

Okay, so this one features Conan O’Brien. Need I say more? Conan is so funny that you won’t even skip the ads. He’s that good. The concept of this podcast is that Conan is trying to build relationships with guests he’s had on his talkshow. Every episode is filled with sarcasm, hilarious exchanges, banter, and pure comedy. I actually laugh out loud every time.

By The Book
If you’re into self-help books, but have no time to read

So, this one’s great if you’re into self-help books. This podcast features comedian Jolenta Greenberg and her friend Kristen Meinzer. On each podcast, the two ladies read a different self-help book and try to live their lives according to all of the book’s rules. They then come back and report their experiences- what worked, what didn’t, and what they think is bullshit. This podcast saves you tons of time and could possibly lead you to discover which book to pick up, and which one to let go.

So, those are my favorite podcasts of the moment! Which podcasts are you currently listening to?

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