At Home Wine Tasting?

ATTENTION WINE LOVERS! Wine subscription boxes are now a thing! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. But it’s true! I can’t wait to tell you all about Vinebox, and everything it has to offer!

Vinebox is a monthly subscription service that delivers different samples of wines right to your door! These are not your typical store-bought wines, however. These wines are specially-selected wines that come from vineyards, local restaurants, and cities such as Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Barolo. My favorite thing about Vinebox is that you don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy the service. As a subscriber, you have the option of describing yourself as an “adventurer,” someone who’s not afraid of trying something new, a “classic” wine drinker, someone who knows what they like, or a “newcomer,” someone who is ready to learn a bit more about wine!

Here are some fun facts about Vinebox!

  • They will deliver 3 different wines per month, or 6 if you want to share!
  • Pricing is $25 per month for an annual subscription
  • The vials use a “closed-nitrogen environment” so that the wines are protected from oxygen and to preserve the taste


One of the best things about Vinebox is that each of the wines come with a special description card. The first box I received included the wines Roero Arneis, Austrian Müller, and Lion Blanc. Each card includes information about where the wine is from, what it tastes like, what to pair it with, and a fun fact about the wine! Lion Blanc was my personal favorite from the bunch. I loved the softness of the first sip, and the fact that the wine is from my home country of France!

The second box I received included “Spätlese Brocken,” “Les Beaux Regards,” and “Cuvée Laurine.” The first of these wines had a sweetness to it, while the last two tasted mored on the acidic side. I really enjoyed “Les Beaux Regards” because of the lime and meringue pie taste!

I had an absolute blast trying these wines. It truly felt like an at-home wine tasting experience! Since I received two boxes, my boyfriend and I were able to taste them together. It made for a super fun date night! You definitely won’t regret trying this service out! Cheers!

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